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What are perennials? How should I care for perennials? What are evergreen perennials? Are perennials… Read more

How should I care for perennials?

Perennials are long-lived plants and emerge every year from their roots. They will thus be… Read more

How and when should I plant perennials?

Perennials can be purchased from early spring until autumn. You can plant perennials purchased in… Read more

Perennials for shade

Shade plants How can you make a shade garden inviting? With perennials, of course! Many… Read more

Perennials for sunny locations

Does your garden receive a lot of sun? If so, you are lucky since the… Read more

Kinds of perennials

Perennials are available in all kinds and sizes. Some are flowering and others are used… Read more

What are perennials?

In horticultural circles, the term ‘perennials’ is bandied about as if everyone knows what these… Read more

Ornamental grasses set your garden in motion

A green garden is nice and cool in the summer, and it also drains rainwater… Read more

Border plants

Fiery coloured border plants Bright yellow, toasty orange and fire engine red. Border plants in… Read more

Evergreen groundcovers

Evergreen groundcovers create a healthy, green and inviting garden. Weeds have less chance of taking… Read more

Nectar plants

Would you like to attract butterflies to your garden? Then plant some nectar plants! Butterflies… Read more

flowering perennials

Flowering perennials for every season What could be prettier than having a garden in bloom… Read more

Evergreen plants

Evergreen plants make a pretty winter view from your window Many gardens are almost bare… Read more


Groundcovers for the shade? Groundcovers are essential in the garden. Since they create a thick… Read more

Foliage plants

Make your garden even more attractive with foliage plants If you want a feeling of… Read more

Hardy plants

Hardy plants: what are they? If you want beautiful plants in your garden that you… Read more

Kinds of perennials

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