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What are perennials? How should I care for perennials? What are evergreen perennials? Are perennials… Read more

How should I care for perennials?

Perennials are long-lived plants and emerge every year from their roots. They will thus be… Read more

How and when should I plant perennials?

Perennials can be purchased from early spring until autumn. You can plant perennials purchased in… Read more

Kinds of perennials

Perennials are available in all kinds and sizes. Some are flowering and others are used… Read more


Perennials, what are they?

In horticultural circles, the term ‘perennials’ is bandied about as if everyone knows what these… Read more

Videos of Perennials

Perennials are not only beautiful but also very functional. But what exactly are they: perennials?... Read more

Kinds of perennials

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