Information about perennials

How and when should I plant perennials?

Perennials can be purchased from early spring until autumn. You can plant perennials purchased in pots in a garden at any time of year as long as temperatures are above freezing but the best times to plant them in a border are in the spring or autumn. It’s not difficult. Planting perennials can be done in five steps:

  1.  At the place where the perennial will be planted, use a trowel to make a generously sized planting hole.
  2. Remove the perennial from its cultivation pot and carefully tease a few of the roots free from the rootball.
  3. Now plant it in the hole so that the top of the rootball is at the same level of the soil as it was in the cultivation pot.
  4. Fill the planting hole with soil and tamp down firmly all the way around the plant.
  5. Then give the plant plenty of water.

Tip: Plant them at the right distance apart. For smaller plants, this is usually around 20-25 cm apart; for larger plants, this is about 50 cm apart.


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Kinds of perennials

Need inspiration for perennials in your garden? A city garden, a modern garden or an insect garden, perennials feel at home everywhere. Click here for inspiration images of different types of gardens.

Kinds of perennials

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