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Perennials: what are they?

In horticultural circles, the term ‘perennials’ is bandied about as if everyone knows what these… Read more

Perennials in pots

Perennials love pots

Are you limited to a balcony or patio? Or do you simply want to enjoy… Read more


Perennials for full sun

Do you have a sunny garden? If so, you’re in luck! For most perennials, a… Read more

Late-flowering perennial: Gentiana

Late-flowering perennials bring jewel-like colours to your garden

What strikes us most about autumn is that yellow and red leaves have fallen from… Read more

Perennials in autumn: Imperata

Autumn? Make it wonderful with perennials

You might consider autumn a gloomy season, but it’s also associated with many nice things…. Read more

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