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Stauden im Herbst pflanzen? Aber sicher!

Can you plant perennials in autumn? Yes!

You can never have too many perennials. You’ll be appreciating their many colours and shapes… Read more

La lavande illumine votre jardin

Lavender: more life in your garden

Lavender acts like a magnet to attract honeybees, bumblebees and butterflies. It makes your garden… Read more

romantic garden

Ornamental grasses rustle in the romantic garden

Do you have a romantic garden? Or do you dream of having one? Then let… Read more


Peonies: flamboyant perennials

Peonies are quite a unique perennial and are one of the oldest ornamental plants in… Read more

Stauden zuschneiden

Pruning perennials: why, when and how

Pruning perennials gives them light and space. Early spring is the time to do this;… Read more

1 - 5 of 32 | News per page:

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