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Peonies: flamboyant perennials

Peonies are quite a unique perennial and are one of the oldest ornamental plants in… Read more

Stauden zuschneiden

Pruning perennials: why, when and how

Pruning perennials gives them light and space. Early spring is the time to do this;… Read more

Plantes rustiques

Hardy plants: the tough guys in the garden

Perennials are hardy plants: they survive every winter, again and again. When they emerge in… Read more


Shade plants: great for a green and well-drained garden

Pavement or plants? If you have a shady garden, your first thought might be to… Read more

African Lily

The African Lily: celebrate summer

From purist white to sparkling blue: the flowers of the African Lily (Agapanthus) take you… Read more

6 - 10 of 34 | News per page:

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