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With flowering perennials you create a garden full of life. This gives you a boost to biodiversity. Lodewijk Hoekstra tells you all about it in the video.

Droogtebestendige planten
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Do you have to deal with dry soil in your garden and is it difficult to find suitable plants for this? Fortunately, there is a wide choice of perennials that do well in the most difficult places.

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shade plants

Shade is no problem for many perennials. The variety in shade plants is surprinsingly extensive? Learn all about it in this video.

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Perennials are not only beautiful but also very functional. But what exactly are they: perennials? Learn all about it in this video.

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ornamental grassen

One of the biggest trends in recent years has to be ornamental grasses. After all, they’re very long-lived, versatile and need little care. They do just as well in the sun as in the shade.

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There are many perennials to choose from, of course, but one group’s really very special. They’re what we call groundcovers.

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