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Rośliny wieloletnie mają swoje sposoby na radzenie sobie z skrajnymi temperaturami

Perennials have ways of tolerating extreme weather

Weather conditions are becoming increasingly extreme. We’re being confronted with longer periods of drought, higher… Read more

Zastosowanie roślin wieloletnich na cmentarzach

Using perennials in cemeteries

Perennials are essential additions to trees and shrubs in cemeteries. In line with the function… Read more

Perennials in public green spaces

Perennials make an important contribution to the quality of our living environment. They introduce diversity… Read more

Perennials add colour to public green spaces

Perennials announce the seasons, provide lots of colour, and attract insects. The range of these… Read more

Perennials for planting in dry soils and beneath tree canopies

Are you faced with having to find the right plants for a location with dry… Read more

1 - 5 of 6 | Trends per page:

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