The advantages of perennials

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Wonderfully fragrant lavender in your garden

Whether your garden is formal or wild, lavender is always a great fit. Positioned in the right spot and looked after properly, lavender plants will ...
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Create a stunning border with combinations of perennials

For the very best display in your garden, choose a border with perennials. When choosing your combinations, location, flowering period, and the growing heights are ...
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A garden filled with flowers? Choose perennials!

Do you love to surround yourself with flowers? With perennials, you can create a stunning flower garden that you will want to spend time in ...
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Perennials, for a beautiful autumn and winter garden

With their colourful flowers, unusual leaves and stunning winter silhouettes, perennials are an asset to your garden in any season. If you make some smart ...
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Perennials that will withstand drought

Unfortunately, we have all felt the consequences of summers that are drier more often and for longer. Watering the garden becomes almost inevitable if we ...
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A façade garden: green, fun and climate-resistant

If your street could use an extra dose of greenery, why not create a façade garden with perennials: from green foliage plants to exuberantly flowering ...
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Why perennials?

Perennials excite the senses with their fragrance, improve the environment, require little maintenance and attract bees and butterflies. A varied vegetation, with many different types, also has a positive effect on well-being. It makes perennials indispensable in the garden or on the balcony and terrace. Perennials bloom long through the different seasons. Thus, you can enjoy a blooming garden all year round. With perennials in your garden is always feast!

To transfer the power of perennials and to experience that they give much pleasure, has a group of perennials growers initiated Perennial Power. This website is packed with information and inspiration about perennials.

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