The advantages of perennials


Help wild bees with perennials around an insect hotel

The survival of many wild bee species is under threat. You can help them by providing nesting places and flowers. One easy way to do …

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A low-maintenance garden with perennials

If you have little spare time, but still want a green garden, perennials are the answer! As long as you choose the right plants and …

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Vegetable gardening for beginners: start with herbs

If you are looking to start a vegetable garden, but are not sure how, why not start with a low-key effort: a few herb plants …

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Perennials 2015

The return of the Hosta

Hostas are very strong plants and feel at home in many places. With their beautiful leaves and ease of care, these perennials are very popular …

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Time to green your garden

Greening your garden is always a good idea. Plants make your garden lively, climate-resistant and relaxing. Turn your garden into a wonderful outdoor space for …

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Campanula: so many flowers!

Campanula is an easy-going plant that flowers profusely with cheerful bell flowers. It’s a must-have for your garden! Here is another advantage: Campanula is a …

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Why perennials?

Perennials excite the senses with their fragrance, improve the environment, require little maintenance and attract bees and butterflies. A varied vegetation, with many different types, also has a positive effect on well-being. It makes perennials indispensable in the garden or on the balcony and terrace. Perennials bloom long through the different seasons. Thus, you can enjoy a blooming garden all year round. With perennials in your garden is always feast!

To transfer the power of perennials and to experience that they give much pleasure, has a group of perennials growers initiated Perennial Power. This website is packed with information and inspiration about perennials.

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