A company garden for a better working environment

Greenery in and around the working environment has a beneficial effect on the health and well-being of employees and visitors. This is why more and more companies are creating a company garden or upgrading the existing garden with more plants and seating. Perennials ensure year-round variety and are indispensable in company gardens.

Walking meetings

The positive effect of greenery on well-being and behaviour is supported by an increasing number of studies. Having a view of greenery from the workplace improves concentration and helps with recovering from stress. What’s more, a green environment around the office invites people to take a walk during their lunch break to get away from it all. It keeps employees sharp as sitting for long periods of time is unhealthy and affects concentration. The garden can also serve as an outdoor space for ‘walking meetings’, with the additional advantage of increased energy and creativity in participants.

Green image

A company with a well-maintained company garden, whether small or large, projects a green image to the outside world. Combining this with biodiversity by using melliferous plants enhances the effect. Parking areas are also part of the office environment and offer opportunities for beautifying with greenery.

Suitable plant varieties

Varieties with a long-lasting green appearance and long flowering period are suitable for open-plan offices. They should also be low maintenance. A selection of the many possibilities: Persicaria, Aster, Acanthus, Geranium, Phlomis russeliana, Bergenia cordifolia and Rudbeckia fulgida ‘Goldsturm’. Various ornamental grasses also work well.

Practical tip

Get off to a good start by investing in good soil. If necessary, replace the soil with a substrate with organic fertiliser. This will pay for itself with a proper soil structure and planting with less maintenance.

A company garden makes the working environment attractive A company garden makes the working environment attractive A company garden makes the working environment attractive

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