Basic principles for green façades with perennials

Thanks to their many benefits, there is considerable interest in green façades featuring perennials. For the best chances of success, the right principles must be applied. The perennials will then flourish for a decade or so without any issues, living up to their name.

Looking beyond the visual aspects

Green façades have been proven to contribute to a healthy living environment by cooling the building, improving air quality, reducing street noise and increasing biodiversity. What’s more, they also have an insulating effect. All these benefits can be achieved with perennials, provided you look beyond the short-term visual effects. In their new artificial environment, the plants must be able to withstand wind loads and extremely high as well as sub-zero temperatures.

Sufficient substrate

Façade greenery is made up of façade panels with a growing medium and a system for irrigation and fertilisation. The most important success factor is sufficient and good substrate. Plants can last for a decade provided that a system with 5 to 10 litres of growing medium per plant is invested into. In systems with insufficient substrate, plants will need to be replaced after just one year. A substrate developed specifically for façade greenery is available.

The right assortment

Plant selection is another important facet. The varieties must be proven to be hardy and able to withstand dry periods. Furthermore, they should be healthy. An attractive effect in winter is a bonus. If the aim of the planting is mainly to cool, then plants with a large evaporating leaf surface should be chosen. The range must also be suitable regarding the number of hours of sunshine. Provided that the right principles are applied, the result will be healthy, green and blooming façade greenery for years to come.

The right varieties

  • Alchemilla mollis – Lady’s mantle
  • Carex – Sedge
  • Geranium – Cranesbill
  • Hemerocallis – Daylily
  • Nepeta – Catnip
  • Vinca minor – Lesser periwinkle

Basic principles for green façades with perennials Basic principles for green façades with perennials

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