Planting with perennials invites people and animals

In more and more municipalities, perennials are given pride of place in public spaces. This type of planting has a positive effect on the entire environment and increases the quality of the habitat. With their colours and variety, perennials contribute to biodiversity and invite the locals to take a stroll.


Perennials create a colourful, attractive streetscape for years on end. If based on a proper design, they can be universally applied in places such as the area around trees, raised planting beds, (central) verges and parks. We also increasingly see them on roundabouts. Provided the right varieties are chosen, perennials such as Hemerocallis (day lily) will even thrive in dry conditions. Or in full shade, such as Persicaria (knotweed). Beautiful and well-maintained planting invites people to walk or cycle along.


Many municipalities are adjusting their mowing policy to aid biodiversity. This ensures that verges and lawns will flower in spring and early summer. Perennials provide a pleasing contrast. By using combinations of perennials, the planting stays attractive year round. (Semi) evergreen plants such as Luzula (woodrush) continue to provide ornamental value, even during the winter months. The same is true for the beautiful winter silhouette of ornamental grasses or the seed whorls of Phlomis (Jerusalem sage).

Added value

Varied planting with perennials not only invites people, it also attracts animals and insects thanks to the increase in biodiversity. Especially in late summer, when many shrubs have stopped flowering, it is the flowers of perennials that offer added value for bees and butterflies. An example of a suitable crop for public green spaces is Kalimeris (summer aster); both butterflies and (wild) bees are attracted to it.

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