Balcony plants can put a smile on your face

Balcony plants make your balcony even prettier. And they make you happy, too, since that’s the mysterious power of plants. By carefully selecting various perennials, you sit out on a delightful balcony until well into late summer.

Reliable balcony plants

Obviously, gardening on a balcony means planting in pots and containers. Fortunately, there are plenty of perennials that are great for container gardening. Do you have to deal with bright sunlight and strong winds? If so, choose Mediterranean perennials such as lavender (Lavandula) and rosemary (Rosmarinus). Stonecrop (Sedum) and wallflower (Erysimum) can also handle harsh conditions.

Go vertical

Vertical gardening is the solution for enjoying plants on a balcony because they don’t take up much floor space. A railing provides the perfect support for climbing plants. You could also cover the rear wall or partitions with plants. Use items such as pallets, boxes, gutters or grow bags to construct a vertical garden. You might even want to build a living wall by using prefab systems.

An easy veggie garden on your balcony

You can even grow your own vegetables on a balcony by using a square-metre container or a collection of pots. Edible perennials like mint (Mentha) and thyme (Thymus) make vegetable growing on a balcony a snap. These are also plants that produce beautiful flowers.


  • Get creative: you can grow balcony plants in tubs, tins and baskets. Just be sure to make holes in the bottom so that excess rain or irrigation water can escape easily.
  • Little or no sun? You can still create a beautiful plant-filled balcony by using shade-loving plants like plantain Lily (Hosta), ivy (Hedera) and cranesbill (Geranium).
  • You might also want to select plants that attract bees and butterflies. You could then enjoy the wonders of nature right outside your door.

Balcony plants can put a smile on your face Balcony plants can put a smile on your face Balcony plants can put a smile on your face

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