Evergreen plants for endless enjoyment

Evergreen plants let you enjoy both their beauty and their relaxing effect from early spring to the depths of winter.

Green all year round

Most varieties of perennial plants wither away in the autumn and then emerge full of energy to start growing again in the spring. With evergreen perennials, however, it’s a different matter. They hold onto their leaves all year round – even during winter! Evergreen plants keep things interesting because they have their own way of moving through the seasons. The leaves of the Elephant-eared saxifrage (Bergenia), for example, turn deep red in the autumn. And many evergreen perennials like the Christmas rose (Helleborus) and Barenwort (Epimedium) will surprise you with flowers in one season or another.

Top 3 evergreen plants

  1. Evergreen groundcovers form a tightly woven carpet. Weeds just can’t survive, so you have little maintenance work and lots of green colour to enjoy. Cranesbill (Geranium) and Hardy Jerusalem sage (Phlomis) are good examples of evergreen groundcovers.
  2. The use of evergreen climbing plants creates a peaceful sight to enjoy every season of the year. Let them creep along a window frame or use them to cheer up a not-so-pretty wall. Two classic choices would be the Climbing hydrangea and an evergreen Clematis such as Clematis armandii.
  3. Evergreen ornamental grasses such as sedges (Carex) and fescues (Festuca) are real must-haves. They sway in the wind to add a dynamic touch to the garden.


Mix & match!

A garden that includes evergreen plants becomes even more attractive when you combine them with deciduous plants featuring a special characteristic. What about perennials that produce spectacular flowers or have a picturesque winter silhouette?

Green tips

  • Green is good for you! Simply looking at plants is relaxing.
  • Having many evergreen plants in your garden makes it ‘rainproof’. Water adheres to their leaves for a while so that it can gradually evaporate.
  • All plants absorb particulate matter from the air but evergreen plants do this all year round: they’re natural air fresheners.


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