Ornamental grasses rustle in the romantic garden

Do you have a romantic garden? Or do you dream of having one? Then let an abundance of ornamental grasses sway and rustle in the herbaceous border. So natural and romantic (but not too much), and totally now!

Serene & romantic

Ornamental grasses are always in motion. The slightest breeze is enough to make them dance, swing and sway. Watching them automatically evokes a feeling of serenity. Even in winter, ornamental grasses are totally zen; there is something poetic about their withered plumes, an enchanting beauty. Especially when the night has coated them in a layer of rime.

Combining with ornamental grasses

Ornamental grasses are strong, perennial plants. Thanks to their gentle, natural appearance, they are easy to combine. For a friendly herbaceous border, mix graceful ornamental grasses with flowering perennials in soft pastels. Do you prefer loads of colour? There are also ornamental grasses with spectacular coloured plumes, such as Pennisetum “Red Bunny Tails”. Watch this video with Lodewijk Hoekstra for inspiration.

Seating corner

In a seating corner amidst swaying, softly rustling ornamental grasses, you intensely experience the beauty of these plants. It’s pure enjoyment! Have you got plenty of room? In that case try such tall grasses as silvergrass (Miscanthus), purple moor grass (Molinia) or pampas grass (Cortaderia) to create an idyllic pleasure garden.

Romantic flower-picking garden

How romantic is it to pick flowers and make lavish bouquets from your own romantic garden? Get out your wicker basket and flower cutters! For a romantic flower-picking garden, combine the most beautiful ornamental grasses – such as fountain grass (Pennisetum) or quaking grass (Briza media) – with spectacular flowers. Dahlias, loosestrife and asters, for example. That will keep you picking flowers well into autumn!


  • Evergreen ornamental grasses, such as sedge (Carex), make for even more variation.
  • Ornamental grasses are easily air-dried. It’s fun to do, and totally hip!
  • Ornamental grasses are best planted in spring or autumn.

Romantic garden Romantic garden Romantic garden

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