A perennial for any place

Does it seem like no plant will grow in your garden? Here’s some good news: it is possible! Thanks to the huge assortment of perennials, there is a suitable variety for any spot. With the right choice and some care when planting, you can turn any area of your garden into a green oasis. 

Sunny and dry spots

Many perennials feel at home in dry, sunny spots. They come in a variety of colours and shapes. Sage (Salvia) is a true sun lover, as are daylily (Hemerocallis) and catnip (Nepeta). Most ornamental grasses also thrive in sun and dry areas, including moor grass (Molinia) and sedge (Carex). And, of course succulents like stonecrop (Sedum) and houseleek (Sempervivum).

Shade dwellers

Shade dwellers are often forest plants with somewhat more modest flowering. But the effect in the garden is still great, especially if you also play with leaf colour, leaf shape and height. Examples include knotweed (Persicaria), fairy wings (Epimedium) and Corydalis. Solomon’s seals (Polygonatum) is also perfect for shade.

Planting with care

If you want your perennials to settle well, dig a planting hole that is more than twice the size of the root ball. Loosen the soil at the bottom and all around. Fill the hole up with enough soil so that the plant sits a little deeper than in the (cultivation) pot it arrived in. Water, in case of drought also in the following weeks. Once established, a perennial will come back every year.

Mulch layer

The golden tip for looking after perennials is to put some plant material around your plants to create a mulch layer. A mulch layer protects the soil from cold and heat, and prevents it from drying out. Weeds do not get a chance to grow, and it improves the soil structure. Plants that are not thriving are best relocated; they will often perform better elsewhere.

A perennial for any place A perennial for any place A perennial for any place

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