Larkspur: queen of the border

Modest white, radiant pink or intense blue. Whichever colour you choose, larkspur always catches the eye in borders, due to its stately appearance. If you find it hard to choose, a mix of colours also works surprisingly well.

Blue flowers

Larkspur (Delphinium) is a perennial that has many fans. The blue tones in particular – from soft baby blue to intense purple blue – are very popular. The other colour options are just as gorgeous: refreshing white, and pink in a variety of colour shades. The elegant tall stems and the lush inflorescence take care of the rest. This is a perennial you simply must have in your border.

Larkspur & friends

The queen of the border is much more versatile than you expect. Give her the starring role in your border, for example, by creating one large group in one colour or mixing different shades. You could also mix larkspur with other perennials, such as yarrow (Achillea), bellflower (Campanula) and crane’s bill (Geranium). The results will amaze you!

Sheltered & sunny

Larkspur prefers a sheltered, sunny spot in the garden. This perennial will thrive in nutrient-rich, well-drained soil. Many varieties will grow very high: up to 2 metres. If necessary, use support material near the plants (for example, bamboo sticks or plant rings). You will enjoy your flowers for a long time.

Tips & ideas:

  • Plant one or more larkspur plants in a pot, perhaps supplemented with foliage plants and ornamental grasses. Larkspur is a real eye catcher on your terrace or balcony, or by the front door.
  • Create a picking border with larkspur. These lush flowers look fabulous in garden bouquets. A mix of purple-blue, snow-white and soft pink is particularly stunning.
  • If you like lots of life in your garden, a combination with the bright purple vervain (Verbena bonariensis) is worth considering. Both plants are very attractive to butterflies, bees and bumblebees. They will love feasting on your border!

Larkspur: queen of the border Larkspur: queen of the border Larkspur: queen of the border

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