Ode to the Crane’s bill: blossomy & very versatile

Crane’s bill (Geranium) will surprise you every year with radiant flowers and bright-green leaves. This perennial is incredibly versatile to boot. There is a beautiful Geranium for every garden.

Crane’s bill in white, pink and purple

There is not just one type of Crane’s bill, but countless varieties. Choose one that suits the conditions in your garden: from shade to full sun. You will find a suitable variety for almost any spot in the garden. The colour palette also offers lots of choice: from white to radiant pink, and from soft lilac to dark purple.

A border filled with flowers

Geranium is often used in gardens, whether they are natural or sleek and modern. It is extremely versatile in use. This strong plant looks great when grouped in a border, for example. You will enjoy radiant colours as soon as the flowers appear. And if you spot a bare area in your border, you could certainly fill it with Crane’s bill. This perennial will effortlessly weave itself between the other plants, creating a beautiful picture.

Insects in the garden

Crane’s bill flowers attract butterflies, bees and bumblebees; it is such a joy to see them fly from flower to flower. Lots of life in the garden! These lushly flowering plants work beautifully combined with other perennials, such as ornamental grasses and coneflower (Echinacea). Or you could use them as ground cover, around a butterfly bush (Buddleia), for example. Mix & match to your heart’s content!

Tips for lots of flowers & fewer weeds:

  • Cut the plants back after the first flowering; there is a good chance that they will flower again.
  • Crane’s bill also grows well in pots, front gardens and areas around trees. Flowers, flowers everywhere!
  • Crane’s bill is also a real winner as ground cover, especially Geranium macrorrhizum. These plants cover the ground quickly, giving weeds little chance.

Ode to the Crane's bill Ode to the Crane's bill Ode to the Crane's bill

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