Phlox: colour and scent

If your garden can use an atmosphere booster, colourful Phlox is a must-have: from summery white to sparkling pink and intense purple. The lovely sweet floral scent is a nice bonus.

Colour blocking

Phlox blooms exuberantly in summer with billowing flower clusters. Use them to create gorgeous colour blocks in your garden, such as a pink area in a purple-pink border. You can create quite an effect, even with small clusters. Colour blocking has never been so easy! If you prefer something more subtle, you could also use a single plant as a powerful colour accent.

Phlox as a picking flower

Once your phlox is in full bloom, don’t hesitate to pick a few flowers to put in a vase. You could even create a picking border if the mood grabs you. Why not combine Phlox with bellflower (Campanula), loosestrife (Lythrum), knotweed (Persicaria) and ornamental grasses? These are all perennials you will enjoy for years to come. Talk about picking happiness!

Something different

In addition to tall Phlox, there are also low species that cover the ground, such as Phlox subulata. This variety will flower profusely (earlier than the tall variety) and grows incredibly fast. It is perfect as a flowering ground cover or as an eye-catcher at the front of your border. You can also train this low variant luxuriantly over a wall or along a garden path. The result looks very natural.

Tips & facts:

  • Phlox loves the sun, but half-shade also works.
  • The fragrant flowers attract bees, bumblebees and butterflies. They will love feasting on your border.
  • Tall Phlox can be cut back to a third of its total height before the longest day. Doing this will keep the plants more compact and they will flower later.
  • You can also plant perennials in pots and containers. Create a fun mix of Phlox, green plants and ornamental grasses.

Phlox: colour and scent Phlox: colour and scent Phlox: colour and scent

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